T-Squat is the brainchild of Josh Lefers, our Creative Director.

An eclectic livewire of humanity, Josh rose from humble beginnings on a commune, where cucumber apples made up the majority of his diet.

Overcoming his malnourished childhood he went on to become a male stripper to pay his way through university, where he took a Masters in Late Renaissance English History and, following that, studied Professional Writing & Editing

James Watkins is our kiwi creative and editor-in-chief who is based at our T-Squat headquarters in Melbourne (he literally lives in our warehouse). He curates, edits, writes, and contributes to our art and photography sections. We like to keep him busy so he talks less, so we made him design and manage the website too.

He also runs his own photography site and blog and is the person to talk to if you’d like to submit some of your own art, photography or anything that’s creative and interesting for use on T-Squat: 

Lisa Dib is an writer who shines her cynical light into the dark corners of our modern world, exposing us for the two dimensional waifs we really are. Also primary editor and a black magic sourceress of our sound, word and show sections.Turn ons: words, Journey, Mario Kart 64, cats, long woks on the beach

Turn offs: inappropriate apostrophes, hipsters, cats that bring dead birds into the hallway and leave it there and it’s really hard to clean you guys

Would like to meet: Gary Busey

Vigilante recluse, writer, film-maker, musician and casio-nado, Matt Cohen, has his finger on the pulse on all the things the kids said were cool last week.

Matt’s well rounded creative repertoire and journalistic tendencies generate a variety of interesting content for T-Squat. He’s heading up our Film and Sound sections as well as running his own Independent Film website - www.findie.co
He also wears really nice sweaters.

You can send him an email at , he’d like that.

Playfully sardonic and always on point with something insightful to say in the office, Darcy Johnson is one of our senior visual art writers. He once wrote an art history thesis which comes in handy when he’s writing about the best contemporary artists in the world, and it also gives him a license to use big words and make us dust off our dictionaries so we can pretend like we know what he’s talking about.

A man of many sarcastic statements and talents,he also runs his own illustrative T-Shirt print label called Vice Versa and is surprisingly good at baking.

Emma Forster is our latest Kiwi blow in, who has tipped the nationality scales of T-Squat, reducing the Australians to a scared, quivering minority around the office. With an established background in the world of arts and culture, her independent magazine Re>Publication, has been feeding the minds of New Zealanders for the past year, which bought the lovely lady to our attention. When she’s not in the office writing about art, design and photography she’s buying sweet sweet mickey mouse jumpers, acid wash denim jackets and being earnest, enthusiastic and lovely.

Photographer, world traveller and general life enthusiast, Beck Rocchi is a ball of positive light in the T-SQUAT office. With a photographers eye for content, Beck sources meaningful, moving and powerful images from the the world’s leading photo-journalists and artists – coupling them with sensitive words and insights. Her articles are always worthwhile and life affirming collections of all things that are good.

Wearer of sharp outfits and bearer of a deep baritone voice, William Godfrey/Orson Wells/Oscar Wilde or more formally, Liam Jordan, goes by many names. What we do know for sure is that he’s a biblical tyrant of mass destruction. Our cult/classic film wordsmith is one distinguished character. Much like the alien in ‘The Thing’, Liam adapts himself to film genres and styles like no other, inspiring people the world over to look back in time and watch films from eras when filmmaking was colourless and still regarded as an art-form.

Robbie Warden is the proud father of our new SHRED section. Melbourne based with a shitload of industry experience in the surf/skate/snow arena. His background in events, marketing, photography, distribution and magazine editing make him our #1 stoke incubator to all things shred related.


Annie Davis is a free range writer who has flown the Melbourne office tower coop to find a new home at T-Squat. 

Her caffeine chugging, bar hopping and crowd surfing antics are being put to good use at the T-squat with her write ups on hidden cafes and bars, bands, DJs, releases and events.

Sofia Ilyas is our self-proclaimed gig whore, photographer, music lover and artist. When she’s not sitting in front of the mirror painting quite brilliant, colourful self-portraits of herself, she’s busy being our London based music correspondent – interviewing, photographing and reviewing some of the biggest names in the electronica scene in the UK and around the world.
With a penchant for style, blokes, booze and anything in-between - Lauren King is a freelance writer and editor notorious for finding fun, art and fashion in the most weird and wonderful places.Devoted to supporting the emerging creative, Lauren’s words will unveil the cool and unearthed throughout most T-SQUAT spots. 

Dan Gallagher is our Maori hustler with a smile. The man with a plan when it comes to sourcing contacts, content and networking our ass around the world. With a few eventful years of running some bumping parties in and around Melbourne under his belt, he’s a great guy to know if you want to get really drunk on free drinkcards. Most importantly, he’s sporting one of the best afros in Melbourne, which acts as an antennae for all those seeking some chilled islander vibrations.

Nanda Ormond is not a dick. If you saw him sitting at a cafe, or walking around, or if you looked at his file if the government kept files on him, he would look like a dick. Homeschooled, hippie, vegetarian, artist, blogger, “loves the beach”, plays music, wears rings, long haired… FUCK!. Holy SHIT He sounds like POISON. But I swear, he’s not that bad. It’s not his fault he was born in to a life of terrible stereotypes. At least he’s never ever tried to write poetry, God help us if he does.



The Void is the creepy guy in the corner of the room, sitting in the shadows, watching you through almond shaped eyes. He is the laughter in the woods, the smile on her face and the old shoes you just won’t part with.

The Void is not a single person but a reflection of you. Us. Everyone. Look into the abyss that is the Void and make it your own: iamthevoid.com

When Conrad Bizjak isn’t hanging off bridges, falling into inner city rivers and leaving his mark around the city, he’s at T-Squat as our resident graffics guru.

Conrad is responsible for our sweet site banner and a few of the visual touches on the website. As well as helping out with the feel of T-Squat he’s a regular contributer to our Art and Photography sections.

Mark Russell is our world-roaming, Kiwi photographer whose intrepid exploits are being documented with the refined eye of an artist and the nouse and innate instinct of a photo-journalist.

A regular contributor to our photography sections, Mark is also an eloquent and insightful writer. To enjoy the synthesis of Mark’s talents check out his blog: Rark Mussell Around The World.


Andy Conlan is an accomplished creative jack-of-all-trades with many feathers in his well worn ideas cap. 

A published writer, award winning director, actor, designer, illustrator and photographer – he is an asset to any creative team and we’re excited to have him onboard.

Have a nose at this website where he keeps his heritage listed architecture imagery: aucklandcityphotos.com