Ziggy Denim are one of Melbourne’s newest denim-leg-wear aficionados. “They’re not sexy. They’re unisexy,” is one quote I found quite hilarious when trolling the internet for Ziggy knowledge. The ‘Who is Ziggy?’ campaign was the lead-up for the launch of a mysterious boutique denim manufacturer that will soon become a sell-out across a large number of fashion retailers. If you find a pair to buy, keep them, cherish them, sleep with them or…  if you can’t, maybe you can create your own…



“That’s ridiculous”, you say? “Shut up, idiot”, you mutter? Well, you shut up, because Ziggy is letting everyone have a chance at making their own personal line of Ziggy Denim jeans. Sign up and start thinking! It could be an illustration, a short film, a poem, a collage, a painting, a song you’ve written, or a series of photos based on the theme “Fact or Fiction.”

Heaps of other amazing prizes are up for grabs, so get creating! I want to wear your jeans! If they don’t sell out beforehand, sadface.


For more info go to - www.ziggydenim.com/work/dream-jeans-competition/


Words: Matthew Cohen



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