Phil Poynter is a master photographer and image maker with a refined, elegant and developed visual sense that is second to none. His ability to transport the viewer straight into a theatrical, surreal narrative, demonstrates an artist who is using photography as an artistic medium to its full potential.

The following series is nothing short of exquisite and features a dramatic visual contrast . One side of the frame is populated with clean cut, composed and serious classical musicians. The other, playful and free, naked beautiful woman that have all been styled to look almost indistinguishable from each other. Set on a stark white background, the scene progressively develops like a layered jazz number, slowly evolving from a pure, ethereal environment, then descending into an expressive, gestural free for all.

Juxtaposition is a word grossly overused whilst writing about visual art, but if ever there was a solid case for the use of the word, this is it. The duality created with the opposing visual stimuli is akin to two benevolent alien races meeting, and deciding how best to curate an art exhibition that reflects both elements of their foreign worlds.

No stranger to success, British-born Phil Poynter has enjoyed a fruitful career. After five years as the creative director and regular photographic contributor for Dazed & Confused magazine, he has since gone on to establish a synonymous relationship between his name and the world’s leading fashion and photographic publications. His work is literally ‘in vogue’ after appearing in the Italian, British, French and German versions of the esteemed publication.

Not satisfied with mastering photography, he is now moving into the dynamic realm of moving image, lending his eyes and eloquent visual language skills to TVC’s, short films and music videos, whilst allowing himself the luxury of basing his work between the creative capitals of the photographic world: London, Paris and New York.


Words: James Watkins








































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