Holy film adaptation, Batman. I finished Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close literally the night before seeing this trailer and, you know, I’m cautiously optimistic. I adored the book, so I knew that any cinematic adaptations would probably be at pains to impress me, but the film seems to be in keeping with the book’s whimsy and quirky sadness. Directed by Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliot, The Reader), it stars Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock and first-timer (they got him from an episode of Jeopardy, I believe) Thomas Horn as protagonist Oskar Schell. Safran Foer fans, what do you think?

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This I’m creaming over; the combination of John Cusack and Edgar Allen Poe can only be good….right? Here’s hoping. The Raven, rather than a straight up biopic, follows the life of poet and writer Poe, played by Cusack. It is the fictional tale of Poe’s stories being used as inspiration for a series of grisly killings.

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As the billion-dollar centrepiece of Marvel films’ grand plan to unify the previous five years of superhero flicks into a single blockbuster, to say that The Avengers is a risky project is something of an understatement. Last year, comic fans were surprised to learn that nerd hero Joss Whedon would be directing the film. Despite years of critically beloved (if not financially successful) television, he only has a single feature effort on his resume – Serenity, the adaptation of his cult sci-fi show, Firefly.

Perhaps the producers saw something in his ability to do more with less, as the trailer contains plenty of epic destruction. Also present is Whedon’s trademark witty banter, which will certainly be more entertaining than the exposition in some of the draggier Marvel installments- I’m looking at you, Iron Man 2. Check it out here.

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