Simon Christen’s photographic portfolio is as impressive as his extremely reputable curriculum vitae is long. An animator by profession, Christen is a master of computer generated graphics and has some high profile feathers in his well worn career cap after his involvement in internationally celebrated films including Toy Story 3, Up, Bolt and Ratatouille.

Upon completion of study in his professional field, a passion for photography was apparent, spending much of his spare time travelling, aiming to emulate and replicate the photographic techniques of photographers that he found inspiring. It was not long before Christen had unwittingly amassed an extensive folio of beautiful works, which had begun life as nothing more than personal experimentation and exploration into a hobby.

Fascinated by an idea of Nature vs Human Design, Christen seems to be strongly drawn to locations that are isolated or in a state of ruin or disrepair, which provide for a collection of photographs with an emotive aesthetic . Christen expands this tone further with his tactical use of light, drawing skill from his years using digital rendering programs where he was responsible for creating the source of light in his scenes to establish realism.

Free from the deadlines and expectations of the professional animation world, photography allows Christen to focus his energy whilst creating images on his own timetable.  With the ability to capture moments and moods and a brilliant eye for imagery and composure, this artist, animator and traveller has a wealth of visual understanding that translates equally well into the world’s most popular animated films and his own, more personal and reflective work.



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