Whakapapa, New Zealand. The home of volcanoes, icy ski slopes and rocks. It’s a pretty cool place and even cooler as a venue for a big mountain freeskiing event, the Export 33 Extremes.

The week-long comp was a lesson in edging your skis, hiking ice covered mountains, attempting not to wet your pants as you slid at high speeds towards death, exposure and getting boozy off low-carbohydrate beers. It was one of the most intense and fun comps I’ve ever done. I blame it on the other athletes.

If big mountain competitions are a concept which is yet to be clarified in the sporting section of your brain- feel free to watch this short explanation.

If following the viewing you feel at all offended as an athlete, sit down, sink a beer and pretend you’re a cheetah.


Words/Video: Nat Segal


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