Stunning digital artist Tony Ariawan, creates brilliantly colourful and highly decorative imagery which is ’deeply influenced and inspired by the beauty of the female body and spirit.’ Incorporating a variety of self taught computer generated mediums, Ariawan employs techniques including vector illustration, 3D rendering and photo-manipulation to achieve his vibrant, whimsical designs.

With a stylistic flare and motion-focused execution, Ariawan breathes a personal exuberance into each piece with his flourishes of light and geometry. Operating from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, this talented autodidact, produces artwork and graphic design for a myriad of high profile clients such as Nike and many others around the globe.

Ariawan’s goddesses of light and fractured kaleidoscopic sprites are bright, playful representations of the one that got away, giving insight into a thoughtful and passionate soul who expresses his melancholy in a style that brightens the morose thematic underlay. His robotic, symmetrical insects on the other hand, speak of a technical and formulaic individual, who has the imagination and talent to take his ideas from the astral realm and bring them to our reality.


Words: Darcy J




































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