If you are a fan of riding bikes with one gear and you also enjoy a good game of scrabble, then read on, because the Battle of the Streets event is coming up and is an opportunity that no fit cycling-scrabbler should miss out on!

This is your last chance to register for the Battle of the Streets event at the Boroughs Festival in Melbourne, the registration window is closing soon, so if you have a sweet fixed gear bicycle and you can get your pedal on, then make sure you register here before it’s too late.

The battle takes place on Saturday the 8th of October, pedalling off from Fed Square in the city and exploring spots around the Melbourne street scene all the way to Globe HQ in Port Melbourne. Scrabble letters join the party along the way at various checkpoints; riders collect up to 8 letters in order to complete the challenge. It is an adventure of speed and strategy, and the winner with the fastest time who also has all the scrabble pieces will score themselves a fully decked out limited edition, custom made ‘Boroughs’ Fixie bike and wheels. Shizaaamm!

Plus there are HEAPS of other prizes up for grabs on the day, (you don’t need to be super speedy and good at spelling) including over $1500 worth of clothing and other bike prize packs. Not only is this event epic in itself, it is also followed with a stellar music festival. See more at –


I spoke with Adrian Kennett who works for 3000 Custom Bikes and is an active part of organizing the Battle of the Streets event in anticipation for the big day.

Hi Adrian, you must be gearing up for Battle of the Streets at the Boroughs Festival, could you give me a heads up on your involvement?

Well, I represent 3000 Custom which is a custom fixed gear brand and style of bikes, apparel and clothes and stuff like that, I was approached to run the Fixie section of the festival, designing the race on the day, how it is going to run, what sort of prizes people would be interested in, and all sorts of promotional stuff really. Also, encouraging people to get involved with the race and spread the word.


That sounds like fun! How has the response been so far?

Well I feel like the response and word back from the street is that people are pretty hyped about it, they are pretty happy with what the prizes are and what the race involves. People are getting really excited about it I think.






Can you tell me a bit more about the concept behind the race and competition? How did the Scrabble idea come about?

Originally the Scrabble concept was in place already, so I ran with that idea and incorporated the race with scrabble pieces to make it interesting. I thought, lets do checkpoints along the way, people can collect random letters, just keep rolling and see what they end up with at the end, or if they want to take their time and try to make a cool word then there’s a prize up for grabs.


Can you tell me more about the prizes in store?

There will be a total of two fixie bikes to be won, there will be one for the overall winner of the race, the other one will be a chance for everyone to win, so it doesn’t matter if you are the slowest rider because it is a random draw prize. The other prizes for the other competitions will be like a prize pack, including tires, wheels, handle bars, lights, heaps of stuff, then there are heaps of spot prizes on the day, like t-shirts and over $1500 worth of clothes. Reid Cycles is involved with supplying some of this awesome gear, check them out in North Melbourne.


So, what are you most looking forward to with the Battle of the Streets event and the Boroughs in general?

I’m pretty excited to see such a big group of riders, checking out everyone’s stuff, appreciating the day, having some fun, having a couple of brews and meeting some people.


Words: Emma Forster



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