“A technique in which a piece of film is exposed twice, to two different images, resulting in a photographic image that shows a second image superimposed over the first. This technique can be used to create ghostly images or to add people and objects to a scene that were not originally there, a practice frequently used in photographic hoaxes…”

With minimal post production, English photographer Dan Mountford expertly creates surreal portraiture using fundamental camera techniques and the aforementioned process. Eerie flora and fauna hybrids, human cities and impossible landscapes are all carefully composed with a heightened sense of visual awareness and great expertise – culminating in an ethereal photograph that raises as many questions as eyebrows.

His short career, at just twenty years of age and still studying, has seen Dan Mountford establish himself an impressive portfolio of personal and professional works, landing clients of the calibre of EMI Records, a feat uncommonly associated with art students. Whilst little information about this experimental photographic progeny is available, his artwork speaks for itself, better to be experienced than analysed.


Words: Darcy J









































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  1. see right through you

  2. Waw incredible

  3. Great ! I love what he does !

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