Artists do many things – they inspire us with their abilities and the relentless pursuit of perfection of their craft. They push us towards an artistic nirvana in an attempt to emulate their style or better our own. Artists educate, from the highest intellects to the smallest children, transcending languages, cultures and borders, conveying messages that we all translate in a way we can relate to. Artists tantalise their audience, exciting and challenging with each piece produced, entertaining a visceral and instinctive appetite present in all humans. From the first caveman who crudely scratched scenes of hunting wild Mastodon on a cave wall, to the modern practitioners, there is something so innate in exploring our thoughts and desires with visual expression. Our lives are constantly enriched by art – some may challenge you, some may be purely decorative, whilst some may be a personal outlet, reserved for the artists own enjoyment, one thing which remains constant –  is the importance of art to mankind…

Nothing short of amazing, Romanian illustrator and designer Matei Apostolescu’s work taps into another world, that mere mortals cannot access. Apostolescu briefly unlocks the gates to his microcosmic dream world of brilliant technicolour, inhabited by giant robots, aliens and a few familiar characters, allowing his audience to get lost amongst the vast universe in which his vivid imagination is god. Heavily relying on his obvious zen-like patience and fastidious attention to detail, the level of work that goes into each creation is almost unfathomable, turning what would otherwise be a fantastically whimsical scene into a digital masterpiece.

Not traditionally regarded with as much respect as the more historical artistic disciplines, digital art and its practitioners are quickly gaining reputations and outlets which not only nurture their talents, but allow them to legitimise their craft to the same level as the celebrated personalities of history. Apostolescu asserts his authority in the digital realm, as an important artistic figure with his clear talent and clearly developed skill-set.

Eclipsing most artists or designers with or without the latest programs for the production of their media, Apostolescu builds on the foundations of perhaps one of the most forgiving artistic mediums and makes it his own. Within each image created, the immense detail, not only technically in representing the subject matter, but emphatically distorting it with his hypnotic colourisation, Apostolecu has created his own personal artistic genre – hyper decorative digital expressionistic surrealism.

As with all artistic mediums and movements, the current trends of digital artistic execution will continue to evolve with its community, eventually becoming obsolete to make way for new technologies and artists to continue breaking the constructs of what is considered art. It is the Matei Apostolescu’s of the world that will be featured in the history books as the major influences of the style and leaders into what is essentially unchartered digital territory.


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