T-Squat is the brainchild of Josh Lefers, our Editor in Chief & Creative Director.

An eclectic livewire of humanity, Josh rose from humble beginnings on a commune, where cucumber apples made up the majority of his diet.

Overcoming his malnourished childhood he went on to become a male stripper to pay his way through university, where he took a Masters in Late Renaissance English History and, following that, studied Professional Writing & Editing
James Watkins is a kiwi photographer who doesn't feel overly comfortable about writing about himself in the third person.

Now based at T-Squat headquarters in Melbourne; he is the curator of the art and photography sections and also builds the online element of T-Squat. He also runs his own site: James Watkins Photography and is the man to talk to if you'd like to submit some of your own artwork for use on T-Squat:
Annie Davis is a free range writer and editor who has flown the Melbourne office tower coop to find a new home at the T-Squat.

Her caffeine chugging, bar hopping and crowd surfing antics are being put to good use at the T-squat with her write ups on hidden cafes and bars, bands, DJs, releases and events. She’s the go-to girl if you’d like to find a home at the T-squat for your writing or poetry:      

Shezbot is our resident ex D Grade reality TV trash fest with obsessive compulsive dating habits and an allergy to Irish men.

Eating her way out of North Queensland and proving to be the only morbidly obese starving artist in existence, she decided that losing weight on national television in her undies was the most sensible course of action.

After writing a book about men and how impossibly stupid her interactions with them were, she has found a home here .. and now writes for us .. about .. stuff. She also has a great rack.

  Vigilante recluse, comedy writer, film-maker, musician and casio-nado, Matt Cohen, has his finger on the pulse on all the things that the kids say are cool.

Matt's well rounded creative repoitoire and journalistic tendencies generate a variety of interesting content for T-Squat. A word of warning though, he was once quoted as saying "kiss me or I'll crush you".
With a penchant for style, blokes, booze and anything in-between - Lauren King is a freelance writer and editor notorious for finding fun, art and fashion in the most weird and wonderful places.

Devoted to supporting the emerging creative, Lauren's words will unveil the cool and unearthed throughout most T-SQUAT spots.
The Void is the creepy guy in the corner of the room, sitting in the shadows, watching you through almond shaped eyes. He is the laughter in the woods, the smile on her face and the old shoes you just won't part with.

The Void is not a single person but a reflection of you. Us. Everyone. Look into the abyss that is the Void and make it your own: iamthevoid.com
When Conrad Bizjak isn't hanging off bridges, falling into inner city rivers and leaving his mark around the city, he's at T-Squat as our resident graffics guru.

Conrad is responsible for our sweet site banner and a few of the visual touches on the website. As well as helping out with the feel of T-Squat he's a regular contributer to our Art and Photography sections.
Mark Russell is our world-roaming, Kiwi photographer whose intrepid exploits are being documented with the refined eye of an artist and the nouse and innate instinct of a photo-journalist.

A regular contributor to our photography sections, Mark is also an eloquent and insightful writer. To enjoy the synthesis of Mark's talents check out his blog: Rark Mussell Around The World.
  Kelly Sabba is our token European import from the home of holy cheese, snow capped peaks and fields of legal, high quality cannabis: Switzerland.

A stylist and blogger who's fluent in both French and English, Kelly's eye for taste and style pervade the articles, artists and information she sources for us.
  Nanda Ormond is a gifted illustrator, animator, part-time social commentator, full-time casanova and will sing you a song if you hand him a guitar and ask nicely.

If you dig his work in the art sections - check this other sweet site full of creative goodness which he contributes on: KidsWithTalons.
Andy Conlan is an accomplished creative jack-of-all-trades with many feathers in his well worn ideas cap.

A published writer, award winning director, actor, designer, illustrator and photographer - he is an asset to any creative team and we're excited to have him onboard.

Have a nose at this website where he keeps his heritage listed architecture imagery: aucklandcityphotos.com