Words: Matt Cohen
Images: James Watkins

August 23, 1973 Norrmalmstorg, Stockholm. Jan Erik Olsson and Clark Olofsson create the Stockhom Syndrome. They weren’t doctors or professors; they just walked into a bank with a rifle, began shooting up the place and then basically started a love-in with some randoms.

In memory of said event, and in celebration of Neuw Jeans new store, the T-Squat crew were invited for a night of fashion, drinks and eventually, some crime. Held up in a bank vault on Smith Street, we experienced what the Neuw label had to offer. With the theme Stockholm Syndrome in mind, we made a check list:

Hostage - Doss Blockos was the beer getting swallowed down on the night (and, right on theme, it's infamously a squatter's pale lager from New York that comes wrapped in a crappy brown paper bag).

Aim - The Bank Vault (a collection of vintage jeans)

Spoils - Latest Neuw fashion line

Babes - Plenty

Cops - Infringement notice and fine.

All of which were successfully accounted for.

Born in the town Olsson and Olofsson were eventually arrested in, creator Par Lundqvist has a direct tie-in with the Stockholm Syndrome, giving the event a watermark of authenticity. Par took me through his creative process: six months of hand washing to create their staple garment– a faded and torn jean modelled on 1960’s bikers. The bikers would wear these for the whole life of the jean, so Par got his hands on a pair and recreated that style and fade, adding a dart for a slim fit and a straight leg cut.

Rich Bell, co-creator of the brand, led me on a tour through the range, including secret access to The Bank Vault. Some stand outs included the Lou Slim: jeans based on music legend Lou Reed and what he wore whilst recording Loaded (his last album with Velvet Underground) and a Bon Skinny range styled on Bon Scott, which is a high wasted, home-grown and homemade Australian jean.

With Phoebe Taylor heading up the women's side of things, involving a massive collection of classic dresses; Neuw has a vintage feel, remodelled and redesigned. Even their tee and jacket range is based on 1940’s military jackets.

The night eventually moved on from grinding to the The Humpty Dance to our local T-Squat graff artist treating us to some street art in the back alley. Unfortunately, the total awesomeness of the situation (and the fact that there were multiple beautiful woman also wielding spray-cans) attracted the attention of some local street rats and in turn the local police force - “I really like this, but mate, it’s still illegal”. With some sweet talking we walked away without conviction and just an infringement notice, fine and a satisfying aftertaste that only a close call with the law can bring... truly inline with the theme of the evening.

Neuw Store: 169 Smith Street, Fitzroy


To see all the images from the night, visit the article on our blog.
by Annie Davis
Retrieving garbag glam from the dustbin of history, Jeremy Scott rocked out with his frocks out for 2010’s New York Fashion Week. Stand-out pieces from Scott’s ‘Boudoir Bombshell’ Spring/Summer collection were the trashbag cloak and dress, complete with a handy drawstring tie at the hem. Fusing 80s punk with 1950s prim, this outfit is perfect for an Iggy-Pop-inspired dog food fight you can then tidy up immediately afterwards.
Another highlight of Scott’s collection was his interpretation of the Gaga meat dress – delicatessen style. Delicately crafted from pieces of prosciutto, this cocktail dress compliments your canapé rather than your dinner date, who may end up somewhat miffed when other guests peel sheaths of cured meat from your loins once catering supplies start to dwindle.

Something for the fellas (or the inner little fella) are these bad boys from 2010’s Originals by Originals Adidas Jeremy Scott collection, featured on the front cover of Sneaker Freaker earlier this year. Scott’s collaboration with the brand has seen the humble sneaker reinvented in many guises – from teddy bears to angel wings, rhinestones and tuxedos. Killer kicks aside, Scott’s clothing line for Adidas, with lycra bike pant bustiers and eye-popping puffer jackets rebirths a kind of cool not seen since the days of early 90s hip hop.

Another claim to infamy for Scott is his bizarre cameo on the Young and the Restless. Scott crashed the series to play the part of a coiffed and camped up New York fashion designer (remind you of anyone, much?) Even Scott’s over-the-top persona struggles to outdo the radioactive cheese of the rest of the soap’s cast but you can’t help but admire his commitment to all things trash.
Bleecker Street online men’s boutique has become a virtual reality, opening up a flesh and blood shopfront on Melbourne’s Chapel Street. Just like the online boutique and its New York namesake, Bleecker Street runs the whole gamut of NYC style, from West Village prep to East Village grunge. Offering T-Squat an exclusive interview this issue, we have Ace ‘Booga’ Ward - the French bulldog you can find in the store wearing a shiny black coat that, much like effortless NYC cool, never goes out of style. 
So how’s business?

Really busy. We’ve only been open a couple of weeks but I’ve been flat out keeping an eye on things and looking cute for the customers. We thought about hiring someone to take care of all that but, really, if you want something done right you’ve got to do it yourself. I’m a really hands-on kind of dog.

Was opening up your own store always part of the Bleecker Street plan?

It was never our ultimate aim to open our own store – it all sort of happened organically. Gavin and Marika came back from a stint living in NYC and they really wanted to make what’s available in men’s boutiques over there accessible to guys in Australia. Our online store keeps growing and we needed a new office o we thought, why not set up shop there too?
So does this begin a whole Bleecker Street franchise?

No – we have no intention of opening up more stores and making this a big chain. Marika and Gavin are way too busy taking me for walks and finding bones for me to chew.

Who fitted out your shop with such understated NYC style?

Not me – design’s not my thing so I stick to the PR side of things. Gavin used to work as an art director for a New York advertising agency so he had a lot to do with the store’s layout. Friends of ours helped out with things like the light fittings, for example. A lot of what works about the layout, I think, are just fun, simple ideas we had - like the gumball machine and the suitcases lined up against the wall, as though you’re about to pack your bags for a trip to New York.

What are some of your favourite items in the new Bleecker Street store?

Anything from Taped Live, Bleecker Street’s own label, of course! Some of the check shirts we have in stock are also a seriously good buy and I’m a big fan of tees from UNIF, which stands for ‘u’re not in fashion, that’s why we’re here’. I especially like their ‘3-Some’ tee. Check it out, dawg!

Bleecker Street
177 Chapel Street, Windsor VIC
Jewellery designer and fly damsel Christianna Heidemann opened up Damselfly’s very own boutique earlier this year. Rather than give you an elaborate description of Damsefly’s new abode, we wrote this obtuse poem so you’ll just have to come see it for yourself at 20-28 Chatham St, Prahran VIC.


  With bejewelled wings spread
a precious stone’s throw away,
melding rustic charm
with sultry noir.
A glittering nest of wares,
of antique cabinets
and honey-jarred wildflowers.
Bold crystals weave bohemian dreams
so enchanting, brave damsels beware
of burning stakes.
Arm yourself with offerings to the rock gods
of raw black agate, bullet shell
and nickel-plated brass.
Knuckle diamond dust,
For your Elias.
For damsels and menfolk outside the realms of Melbourne, you can still purchase Damselfly online at


by Matt Cohen

Since ’08, Jonathan Wilkinson and Christian Orsted have been creating something different. Not just a fashion label or a lifestyle blog but something more Frankensteinian.  Something they describe as a “creative collective with a spirit of creative freedom.” This is Rotten Fresh Collective.

Experience in art direction, graphic/video and zombie re-animation led the duo to create a new type of branding, fuelled by the philosophy that “With Future There Must Be Past”. The fashion designs, along with the art, design and photography arms of the new media collective have drawn over 50,000 fresh bloods to the Rotten Fresh Collective site each month.


Their latest T-Shirt collection, self-titled Puter Vegetus Contraho, has just hit their online store and the design is spot on. A long fitted Tee with a slight scoop neck is a perfect Tee design for comfort and style; add the pre-rolled sleeves and you’re wearing an icon. This design is only available in white and black… but honestly, what more do you need?

The entire collection incorporates unique dyes, special washes and hand screen-printing techniques from independent artists and designers. There’s also plenty more to choose from, starting with their ANTI range inspired by the film Antichrist by Lars von Trier.

So if you still have you genitals intact and haven’t gone crazy when you’ve continued having sex whilst your son falls to his death (Spoiler alert) get shopping online by following the links below. Also try the Lucky Dip – another fantastic application within the sales section, let’s hope it’s not a pair of scissors… eww.
If you’re a Sneaker Freaker super freak, chances are you’ve already been given a sneak peek of the mag’s new online museum. Their mission? To archive every sneaker, every colour, ever made. With the kind of wide-eyed, mouth-frothing intensity you’d expect of any freak, the peeps at Sneaker Freaker have been scanning thousands of images, slavishly writing up mini-dissertations on every specimen. So go on, take a look. Ya big freak.