Late Night Danceteria and Supper Club
Basement 55, Liverpool Street, Sydney CBD
Words: Lauren King
Like the cold hard slap of the babe in the Fisherman’s Friend ad, this night-spot serves a refreshing hit to the pretentious drool, deluded bouncers and common glitz littering Sydney after dark.

The culmination of Goodgod nightlife’s evolving vision, the Supper Club offers an earlier start and more feverish dance-floor than the Goodgod Small Club – the destination for debauchery that launched in 2009 to swiftly earn street-cred as the wildest most open-minded late music venue around.

The mental snapshot of co-conspirators Jimmy Sing and Hana Shimada, Goodgod Supper Club is part social club, part subterranean getaway, part late-night drinking haven, and delivers dangerously left interior for added interest. Harking back to a bygone era, order your poison at the glowing bar of living jubes while taking in iconic murals that pop against electric render, a tropical palette and utilitarian deco lines.
Inhibitions are encouraged to set flight in this kooky, cave-like setting made surreal with white-washed grotto booths that ripple beneath dim-lit fernery – a slightly warmer and definitely stranger rendition of The Blade’s banging vampire club.

“We wanted to create a timeless, other-worldly paradise basement in the middle of the city. Somewhere that can transport you from your working week at 5pm knock-off but also continue to offer sanctuary and good company into the wee hours of the morning. We all know Sydney is not the friendliest place after midnight so we wanted to use a late trading license to build an alternative to the usual ruckus,” says Sing.

Ongoing home to local favourites such as Jingle Jangle, Midnight Juggernauts’ Siberian Night jam sessions, Slow Blow and Hole in the Sky parties among others, you can be sure the beats are as equally delectable as the fresh botanical house jugs of Mint Julep, White Sangria and the famed ‘Pat Cash Coola’. Shit yeah.

102 Norfolk St New York
Words: Lauren King

Current politics aside, prohibition has never been so acceptable – or enjoyable—since the recent opening of New York City’s Lower East Side antique gem, the Back Room. With four secret entrances (or exits, depending on whose side you’re on), it’s no wonder this restored speakeasy is anything but easy when it comes to getting inside.

However, once you tunnel yourself in, it’s worth it to take in the richly-accurate décor – right down to the kettle-shaped shakers and crystal chandeliers. Drinks are served in teacups by kittenish flappers, and beer is consumed in brown bags, a-la-1920s style. The best part, however, is the surreptitious Back Room, where those fortunate enough can enjoy the true vintage marvels of this jumpin’ era. With every other neighborhood steeped in post-modern minimalism, isn’t it time for a little (history) class? Just tell them Joe sent you. 


This slick and stealthy speakeasy is the Cat’s Meow and the Bee’s Knees. Proof: Those are the names of two of the eight specialty cocktails served at this new occupant of the former Lansky Lounge. As you tip back your teacup of ‘No. 21’ (referring to the amendment repealing prohibition, friends), you’ll return to that erstwhile time when alcohol was the devil’s juice. But don’t fret: the coppers won’t find you hidden behind the entrance, which reads, ‘Lower East Side Toy Co’.

So relax at ease on a plush velvet couch, enjoy the working telephone booths and hope to someday be invited into the secret back room. Hidden behind the bookshelf, Scooby-Doo-like, this off-limits oasis is for owner Johnny B. and his famous pals (including Mark Messier and Tim Robbins, who occasionally bartends); you'll need more than a password to get back there. But even if you don’t, it’s nice to finally have someplace to enjoy beer out of a paper bag…legally.

42 Below brings Shaggy’s 42nd Birthday bash to Sydney. Why? Because they Can.
You may know him as Mr Lover Lover and to some he is Mr. Boombastic, but to most he is Shaggy (aka Orville Richard Burrell). Despite a boyishly cool exterior, Shaggy recently turned 42, and who better to throw an all-time birthday gig than the aptly named vodka company, 42 Below.

Much like the various flavours composing the 42 Below line-up – kiwi and honey to name a couple – the industry gig was executed with a twist. Sydney Shaggy fiends were invited to join this Jamaican cruiser to celebrate his birthday by following frequent tweets and Facebook check-ins revealing his whereabouts. They spotted him, approached him, spoke the magic words ‘Happy 42 Below’ and retrieved tickets to see the reggae champion bust-out live.

Held at Sydney’s favourite small club, Good God, the party of media and groupies were treated to an intimate performance of smooth-rhymes dictated by a mash of old school hip hop beats. Of course crowd pleaser classics rocked the mic, including the re-worked ska classic ‘Oh Carolina’, held responsible for Shaggy’s rise to fame.

Free flowing cocktails named after the birthday boy himself provoked smooth moves on the dance-floor, with Shaggy providing some handy pick-up advice for battling blokes.

“Just because you buy a lady a drink doesn’t give you the right to follow her around the club all night. Especially tonight, because the drinks are free.”

Guys – take it on board – they don’t call him Mr. Lover Lover for nothing.

13 Burton Street, Sydney 2010
Words: Lauren King

Step beneath the bustle of Sydney’s Darlinghurst and feel right at home between weathered brick walls and leather couches creased with a million stories from decades past. Owners of Pocket Bar, Karl Schlothauer and French-bred Christophe Lehoux don’t care who their patrons are or what they do – so long as there is a penchant for high quality booze and bites, amid a relaxed atmosphere of contemporary art. Pocket prides itself on an ever-evolving cocktail list and mouth watering crepes (Christophe’s supplement to run-of-the-mill pizza) with a few tasty instalments, including mulled wine blowing in when the season is at hand.

The inner-child competes with a cultured thirst for attention with army figurines, books and Marvin the Martian sprawled about the bar for added interest. Last, but most iconic, are the local artworks created by Steve Gorrow – pop-art-style illustrations taking guests on a digital trip through the evolution and egos of men, women and cartoons.

Pocket is the ultimate space for an intimate and chilled start to the early afternoon and, after experiencing the host-with-the-most qualities of these boys first hand, there’s every potential late-night Black N’ Blue martinis will beckon.

Past Cleo Bachelor of the Year and owner of Pocket, Karl Schlothauer talks hangover cures and Sunday sessions.

When is a good time to drink tequila?

Anytime before a beer.

Favourite chaser?


The ultimate summer cocktail and how do you make it?

Mojito – rum, sugar, lime, mint and dash if soda. Put in all in glass, muddle it up add rum then ice and soda. Mix it around and bobs your uncle.

Finest brew in your books?

Scotch single malt from Islay Ardbeg.

What was the first spirit you drank so much of as a teenager it made you sick?

Bundaberg Rum - will never touch that shit again.

When was the last time you uttered the words ‘I’m never drinking again’ and what was your poison that morning/night/afternoon?

Five weeks ago and I have no idea what I was drinking.


What is Pocket’s most infamous pour?

Not really what pour - the crepes and cocktails are our signature.

Hangover cure?


What would you pour a woman who you wanted to get drunk?

Watermelon martini - they really don’t know how strong they are.

What would you port a woman who you wanted to impress?

No idea, but the Frenchies I work with reckon that seductive eyes are the way to go…

Favourite Sunday Session beverage?

Amaro Montenegro on ice with a slice of orange.

How good are Sunday sessions?

Actually they are pretty good. We have little duo called The Falls play every Sunday - just chilled and relaxed. Good way to spend the arvo.

Contact (02) 9380 7002 or visit

An Absolut Artist

Head-hunters of often-emerging-always-exceptional talent, Absolut Glimmer got in bed with Australia’s Johnny Depp of photography, Murray Fredericks. Although a commercial snapper by day, Fredericks spends months at a time living alone in remote areas to capture striking one-off images of night skies that are both haunting and exceptional. He also recently directed and shot the award-winning documentary Salt - set amidst the raw and resourceful salt pan in remote central Australia.

With Absolut collaborations with the likes of Andy Warhol, Wolfmother and Jean Paul Gaultier, aligning with Absolut is truly the gig of a lifetime and Frederick’s talents will be exposed to mainstream Australia throughout a special outdoor campaign from November 2010.

“As the campaign mantra suggests, this year’s campaign is about seizing the moment and expressing your creativity – regardless of the confines of your regular day to day commitments,” says Kris Powell, Absolut Vodka Senior Brand Manager, Pernod Ricard Australia.

Staying true to Kris Powell's words, Absolut planted Fredericks in a geographically audacious landscape to provoke his creativity, which resulted in an exclusive shot of the night sky from South Australia’s salt lakes. Fredericks chose this as the hero shot for the Absolut Glimmer campaign. Launched globally in October 2010, ABSOLUT GLIMMER will be available in Australia from this November 2010 – saving the best till last clearly.

5-9A Rosyln St, Potts Point NSW

Don’t be fooled by the polished exterior of this new Sydney steak joint. It’s definitely cool before corporate and delivers a culinary experience unlike anything you’ll experience in inner-Sydney.

Direct from L’Entrecote de Paris, the dining concept of Steak Haus ensures you won’t leave wishing you’d eaten what she had, and is tasty testament to the notion that the simple things in life are often the best.

There’s no menu at Steak Haus. It’s steak, or steak. But of course with a twist that has Surry Hills’ vintage Barbie-esque’s and Jethro Cave’s returning on a weekly basis. Devised by Simon Chalmers and Daniel Ibrahim (the boys behind Sydney’s hot-spot Beach Haus), Steak Haus offers one option for all levels of consumption, and opens with a walnut and mustard vinaigrette dressed green salad followed by butterflied steak (served in two stages for super fresh eating and the crispest of frites) with three accompanying sauces – Ibrahim’s mum’s very own mushroom sauce, spicy barbeque and signature Steak Haus’ secret sauce. Vegetarian?  The boys have it covered with eggplant steak or fish of the day for the Vegaquarians.

While there is a rich list of international Australian and New Zealand wines on offer, you’d be a lightweight not to try the Steak Haus’ sole cocktail. The rum and vodka based lychee concoction is a must-try and although the seashell it arrives in may stir debate, I guarantee you’ll get right into it after a few slurps – it’s all part of the suitably unordinary Steak Haus experience Simon and Daniel ensure you fall in love with.

The devilish can try their appetite at desert or a selection of cheeses (at an additional charge) - French macaroon, profiterole or ice cream confections striking interest in the sweet-tooth.

Quick and inexpensive at just 30 bucks a head, Steak Haus is conducive to a quick bite or extended dining affair, and with a banging nightclub just upstairs, it’s a certified Sydney gem.

Words by Lauren King

For the past six weeks Smirnoff has been filing Aussies’ thoughts on what would make the best party ever, with over 85,000 of us submitting ideas via Facebook/Smirnoff Australia. And who better to sift through and separate the rock from the retarded than Dan Single – Australia’s half Ksubi designer, half pin-up party boy and all-time deck spinner.

The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project is back – an ambitious global cultural exchange that sees 14 countries from six continents swap the best of their nightlife at a series of events on November 27th. Always ready to party, Smirnoff held a cheeky gig at the Sydney Dance Lounge in Walsh Bay where 200 guests from the worlds of music, fashion, media and the arts eagerly joined Dan Single to be among the first to learn who Australia’s partner country will be in 2010.

Fashion’s ultimate romantic, Luke Sales, model of the moment Bambi Northwood-Blyte, Modular’s main man, Steve Pavlovic, Sneaky’s Daimon Downey and Nicky Van She  were among Australia’s ultimate party peeps stoked to hear our exchange will take place with Brazil (although no doubt in high hopes of receiving USA and its south-bound counterpart, Colombia).

The party proceeded to heat up with fashion parades, a So You Think You Can Dance act and Canberra duo, Aston Shuffle – Australia’s number one DJs in the 2010 IntheMix 50 poll. Specialised Smirnoff cocktails including the Smirnoff Mule, Grapefruit Exchange and the Nightlife Cosmopolitan fuelled the mashed up sounds of Dan Single and Sneaky’s Angus Macdonald in the ultimate serve of what’s to come at the culmination of Smirnoff’s night of nights in 2010.

November 27th marks the grand opening of our crate of goodness – no doubt an eclectic mix of carnival and boot-ay , we hope the wild Brazilians enjoy the best of after dark Down Under, as we will surely make the most of our taste of Brazil.