Visionaries of guy’s label, VANGUARD, Jono and Sam Cottee fuse nomad with niche and a hit of nautical in their latest collection, Good Morning Rucksack Wanderers. Saluting the label’s affinity with alternate sub cultures, surf, skate, fashion, grunge, new wave and hip hop, the boys’ latest string of summertime threads cues a quixotic mindset for random roadies and rock and roll over a summer to remember. Good Morning Rucksack Wanderers invokes an alternative way of travelling and living that’s based more on creativity than cold cash.
T-squat’s Lauren King caught up with VANGUARD Director, Jono Cottee for the low-down on summer 2011 dos and don’ts.

How do you apply skills from a past life in architecture to Vanguard prints in the quest to ensure the label lay a little left and always ahead of likeminded brands?

On a purely technical basis, computer design skills developed in architecture enable me to create an object or scene in 3D rather than the traditional 2D that most graphic designers work with.  The design skills taught in architecture also push you to create design that has a purpose or meaning - more than say a photo of Kate Moss with a non-descript slogan across it for example.

Design principles of the new collection?

Our basic design principle is to create well designed, good fitting clothes for guys that don’t cost a packet and deflect the try hard impression.

What should every bloke have in their wardrobe this spring /summer 2010/2011?

A good pair of denim shorts, some cool boardies and lots of basic tees.

What goes through the mind of you quintessential Vanguard advocate when he gets dressed every day?

I wonder what I will have for breakfast.

What won’t you catch him wearing?  

His girlfriend’s skinny jeans.


What won’t you catch him drinking?

Soy chai skinny latte.

Your latest collection is titled ‘Good Morning Rucksack Wanderers’- where are they travelling to and why are they going there?

The wanderer we are referring to encapsulates the freedom and spirit of a drifter – the emotions synonymous with travels bound by no destination. Or an impromptu summer road trip, or when a catch up drink with some friends turns into a night long celebration and BBQ breakfast. The VANGUARD Rucksack Wanderer doesn’t know or care where they’re headed because they are not locked down to any sort of schedule.


What inspires you on a daily basis?

Photography at the moment.  I am loving images that perfectly capture a moment in time - explaining the entire story and exuding an emotional response in just one frame.  We try and design collections that create a similar response throughout our look-book and campaign imagery.

Where will (or won’t) Vanguard be in 5 years?

Who knows. The label is certainly not where we expected it to be five years ago - in a good way. Hopefully in a place that allows us to live a life like the drifters who inspire our collections.
Check out these iconic shots ready to represent VANGUARD in spring/summer 2010/2011 – photography by Chris Proud.





Van Grenquist, a 22 year old Bondi-bandit with a penchant for anomalous art, looks at daily items a little differently from the average punter.

Perhaps due to early years’ spent cutting cookies, this walking piece of art (Van skates about town in some gnarly threads) is motivated to outshine normality through the process of metamorphism –transgressing the unwritten laws of practicality to create something more enjoyable.



The beauty of Van’s work is a foundation etched with milestones of his own existence – each body of art a tangible melting pot of New York art burrows, production and design experience with young Australian fashion-house; Pete Versus Toby and solid understanding of aeronautical engineering. Boil it all up for an acquired taste of art reputable for an air of irrefutable coolness.

Please welcome the Walart – Van’s (aka: Wally’s) latest innovation for those keen to keep coins unlike the next guy. Made from paper and available in over ten variations, Marlboro, pills, plant and burger prints encourage one to pick their poison, and for the less overt, a series of more abstract 1970s inspired versions are on offer. Recyclable, water resistant and made in Australia, visit www.thewalart.com for your very own.





by James Watkins
Humans have always had an innate fascination with time. Since the dawn of man we have been gazing at the stars, fashioning sun dials and hour glasses as well as building water, quartz, atomic and mechanical clocks with whatever we could get our hands on.

At T-Squat our vote for the coolest way of telling time so far is these new clocks out of the UK. Breaking the shackles and limitations of the big and little hands we've all become so accustomed to - the Aspiral clock is something fresh; with a beautiful simplicity the clocks rotate on the wall, leaving the ball loose to roll slowly around the spiral..and when it gets to midnight, it falls through a hole..rolls down the back and starts all over again, genius!

For more info check their website: aspiralclocks.com