We're starting a T-Squat art gallery in our warehouse office space here in Melbourne. We're not taking any commission so the artists get 100% of the sale price off the wall. We get a healthy amount of well-heeled foot traffic through our doors from a shared space with a creative agency, cafe and jeweller. And as you can see we have a great deal of wall space that we're keen to fill with your art, so drop Conrad an email: to touch base with him and organise a time to come in and show us your stuff.
When Beanz isn't working at our cafe, fueling us with caffeine and bringing us delcious food - he's painting these beautiful, vivid paintings. These are our first official submissions at the T-Squat Art Gallery and we're stoked to have them! Check out more of Beanz' art as well as some of his friends work here: kissmyartcollective.com