With amazing dexterity and a deft touch, Melbourne street artist Buff Diss creates his sticky master pieces in carefully selected locations for maximum impact, rather than the traditional graffiti approach of maximum exposure. Once a man of the can, Buff Diss has left behind the traditional medium of the graffiti world, in favour of a less permanent approach, masking tape.

Mastering this ubiquitous material, usually confined to behind the scenes of art – humbly repairing pages and mounting images -  Buff Diss has launched masking tape into the creative limelight, resulting in surprisingly arresting pieces and giving it the recognition it deserves as a legitimate artistic medium.

Often political, often religious, always intriguing, Buff Diss transcends this mundane products reputation to create brilliant works of art on walls and ceilings the world over. From Berlin to Brazil and even right here in Melbourne, so if you like what you see and want to get an eyeball on his work in the flesh, check out his mural at Miss Libertine on Franklin Street in Melbourne or his personal Flickr – flickr.com/photos/buffdiss

Words: Darcy J

















Miss Libertine Mural




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