Aleksandra Kabakova is an artist from St Petersburg, Russia. Working primarily with pen, ink, pencil and watercolour, the sensitive, young creative’s art is both simplistic and involved – utilising basic shapes and line work to create patterned, black and white graphic works.

At times her imagery feels melancholic but devoid of cynicism, then carefree & playful whilst always distinctly feminine and delicate.

Her art expresses “an emotional perception”. She says of trees (which feature prevalently in her works) that to her they “are similar to people, as unique, mysterious and beautiful…with individual characters and specific features”. Birds also make numerous appearances in her works, citing a story from her childhood when she and her cousin “found a rook with a broken wing in the snow. The bird lived with us in the apartment until it was completely recovered and was able to fly away. Birds are absolutely astonishing creatures, nobody has got feathers but them, and their feathers are so light and fragile, like petals of flowers.”






























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2 Responses to PEN & INK

  1. marilyn marchwicki

    Just lovely work

  2. Aleksanteri, OK. I feel somewhen I will have a temptation to sell one of your artworks owned by me for $9,999,999.

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