Crooked Saint- Tim Wheatley on the roll- has released a darling little EP in this, his Every Angry Inch rekkid. Opening with the eponymous Every Angry Inch, a country-fried number, made all the more charmingly backroots by a banjo in the backdrop. A swelling, darkly folk chorus shows Wheatley fits snugly in with the folk ilk of Josh Pyke, Conor Oberst and Colin Meloy– sweet without being saccharine, poetic without pretentiousness. He lets the often-lauded Aussie accent come through without stressing nor hiding it.



The Big Easy- “Said the media monger to the tabloid whore/ I’ve got your face in the paper on the page before”- has a chorus that takes a few listens to properly come around to, but the hot bluesy riff around 2:30 and dark walk of it all makes it all better. Kick the Habit is a harmonica-drizzled foot-stomper with the oh-so-true mantra, “It’s hard to kick the habit when you’re heavy on occasional friends…” The effervescent vocals of Wheatley melding with slide electric guitar and hand-claps with a rich country air, like what I imagine the setting of a Jane Austen play must smell like.

Overcrowded Bar is the only bung note on the EP for me; rambling precariously between country rock and folk pop, it never does decided where to lay its pretty head and thus sounds muddled, confused. Make no mistake, though; it’s still decidedly enjoyable, but may be less palatable than its predecessors.



EP ender (So soon? But you just got here!) The Company (That We Keep) sings of “graceless lovers” with a big sing-along finish, wild with harmonica (such a criminally underused instrument in modern music, tsk tsk) and geetar and an optimistic panorama.

You can check out Wheatley’s creamy folk-rock goodness here and check out the video for Every Angry Inch (shot in Melbourne! Look! There’s the Corner Hotel!) while you’re at it.

Words: Lisa Dib


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