The most recent addition to our T-SQUAT team, Beck Rocchi, is a vibrant and passionate photographer. Her latest shoot with Byron Bay label, Spell Designs, is a true bohemian delight. The imagery is playful, floaty – an ocean flower child moving freely, basking in the afternoon light. The model’s regrowth, piercings and matted hair compliment her jagged crystals, turquiose skulls, feathers and fur – creating a mirage of sexyness…flirty and free…

Spell Jewellery is the product of two beautiful sisters, Lizzy and Isabel Breidis. At first they created jewellery and accessories, then fashion, and now they’ve opened their own flagship boutique, Spell – The Gypsy Collective. Think Indian feather headbands, leather tassel boots, silk patterned kimonos and an eclectic mix of foreign coins, hand-carved bone, antique chains and one-off vintage finds to satisfy the nature-girl in all of us.

Hidden amongst the galleries and artist’s studios of Byron’s Arts & Industry Park, the boutique is the sisters’ very own gypsy wonderland, and stocks their iconic Native American-inspired adornments, fashion and footwear, as well as an eclectic collection of recycled and vintage fashion treasures. Their label Spell has grown into something the sisters had once only dreamed about.

So jump online to layer your bodies with earthy, exotic and wild treasures for the soul…





















































4 Responses to GYPSY BOHO ROCKER

  1. some lovely shots Becki

  2. hi beck, wow its lovely to see some of your edited photo’s here! they’re stunnnnnning! xoxoxo good work, cant wait to see you next week on another SPELL photoshoot adventure! xoxoxo spell

  3. soooo beautiful!! xxx

  4. wow! love it!

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