Caitlin Shearer is a twenty-one year old Sydney based illustrator and creator of these gorgeous watercolours paintings. Focusing on the female form, her work shows a light, bright, sanguine world where Winona Ryder, mermaids, flame-haired goddesses and moon ladies all live in delicious concord. A brief chat to the young artist was clearly in order.



What is your earliest memory?

I remember little purple shoes, a wild strawberry patch and a book called “Chubby Bear.”


How does where you live affect your work?

I grew up by the ocean and that kind of imagery- mermaids, sailors, the sea- all made its way into my work without it being a very conscious decision. That content and peaceful way of life was something I cherished. I just moved to the city a week ago, so now it’s time to see how all of this craziness and constant change affects my work.


How do you work; do you work on impulse or sit down to make a piece?

I do both…sometimes I will get hit with a tonne of inspiration and lots of good things will pour out onto the paper. Then, sometimes, I’m stuck and I need to sit and struggle over the paper and rub everything out ten times. I’m usually listening to music when I work; Interpol usually, or lately there’s been Beck and The Kills and the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack.


You work is very light and positive. What makes you happy?

Personally, I think my work is quite diary-ish and full of longing…. happy too, but hopefully not frivolous. But what makes me happy is dancing really late at night with friends in the kitchen, old movies, Mexican food, new shoes, miniatures, gardens, swimming at night and/or before a rainstorm.
























Words: Lisa Dib

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