International man of history, Yvan Rodic (perhaps more popularly known as the Facehunter), is a photographer who uses the malleable spectrum of photography to his full advantage. Refusing to restrict himself to any particular style or subject matter, Yvan amalgamates a combination of photo-documentary, portraiture, humour, social commentary, architecture, fine art and candour into his relentlessly expanding portfolio.

With a seemingly inexhaustible supply of beautiful, nubile young women to roam the romantic streets of the world’s fashion capitals with, Yvan makes the most of the opportunities that present themselves to him. With a distinctive style of environmental portraiture, the models appear relaxed, confident and natural, giving the viewer a vicarious insight into his empowering style of art.

Against the tide of most people’s perceptions of the fashion world, Yvan’s images appear earnest, possibly because they don’t take themselves too seriously. They are playful (some alcohol may have been consumed), there is no feeling of self importance, just a feeling that he’s successfully doing what feels most natural to him, relaying beautiful images to his large and ever-growing audience.

Every photographer wears a demon on their shoulder that points out every missed opportunity, a perfectionist beast that notices every living nuance in a face and is constantly nagging you about the fading light. Yvan has successfully tamed and trained said beast to become his artistic, loyal compadre.  His lens acts as a filter for his life, distilling only what he deems worthy of sharing, casting away the superfluous into the digital backwater of his recycle bin.

I think I speak for all image apprecionados when I say that we are all pretty grateful and inspired by the likes of Yvan Rodic, who has the confidence and the amiable approach mechanisms to engage strangers in the street and make images of them. It’s not as easy as he makes it look.

Here T-Squat features a series of images from a recent trip Yvan made to Melbourne. He’s done a great job capturing the feel of the city and its slightly left-of-conservative and right-of-liberal inhabitants.

To keep up with Yvan’s international image-making exploits, add the following sites into your bookmarks and check back regularly as he keeps them all freshly stocked with new images on a weekly basis.




























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