You know it’s going to be a good day when you have a reassuringly hot cup of mulled wine in your cold winter hands by ten in the morning. I guess the lads at the South Yarra Market figure that if they ply their customers with inexpensive, tasty alcohol they are more likely to make a purchase –  I can vouch for the effectiveness of this strategy after walking out with a ‘sexy as fuck’ new electric guitar. If you’re bored of Chapel Street and its Lamborghini owning, fake tan in the middle of winter Fitness-First freaks – and you’re in the market (that was a pun) for some new wares – come chill with a down to earth, laid back crew and enjoy some acoustic guitar, live art, fashion and general alley-way shenanigans.

This particular Sunday, Conrad (Bizjak) was planning to paint a wall down there and suggested I bring my guitar and serenade him in the sun. I’m quite fond of playing the guitar whilst he paints so it sounded like a decent enough reason to peel myself out of bed early on a Sunday – and as previously mentioned, the promise of cheap, tasty alcohol provided the last piece of motivation I needed.

Conrad was in fine form, taking care of business with his weapons of choice (Ironlak), painting this hyper-real, multicoloured jellyfish with no reference imagery apart from what he could conjure up in his mind. The day was full of winning from start to finish – with good friends, laughter, more laughter, art, music, purchases, small dutch pancakes, amazing capsicum soup and lots of really good looking people.

If you manifest a psuedo sense of self worth by wearing designer outfits worth five thousand dollars, hide your face with over-sized sunglasses and enjoy sitting at irritatingly busy, sterile cafes devoid of any substance,  on display like  characters in some tragic soap opera, whilst talking obnoxiously loud in shrill tones comparing the cock sizes of the respective  football stars you slept with last night, it’s probably best you stay in your small unimportant world.  If that sounds like a nightmare to you, come check out  the markets this weekend and score yourself a bargain.

Words/Images: James Watkins










Nadia got a cramp in her ‘ass’.



Mulled wine disaster.





Liam, being the boss.


Me and Jem.


Mafia, making a celebrity appearance.





More famous people came.




Jewish gesticulations.



Richard Lipp got his phone from the future.
















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  1. Amazing work !

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