Melbournian Alex Scott travels all around America, chasing the northern-hemi winter.  Wreaking havoc everywhere he lands from LA to Vegas and Tahoe to Utah. The dude’s loose, young, and free like the untamed long black hair he once had. T-Squats Shreditor caught up with him after his adventures with the Comune’s Corey Smith after riding some hand made shred craft in Tahoe.

You’re a wild Victorian travelling the US for half a year involved in debauchery, partying and occasionally snowboarding, how’d you get involved with these dudes?

So I met the Comune guys partying one night in truckee, they liked the way I partied and needless to say I dug them. And that’s how I came to be involved. There’s a lot of “snow bros” up here, so when you see someone else wearing tight jeans and a leather jacket trying to change the music at a party from shitty rap to something a little more metal you know you’ve made a friend.

It looked like a hell of a fun day, the clip shows you take an almighty wipeout off a gutsy air on what looks like an large timber sled, can you give us a run down on how the boards rode?

Yeah that air wasn’t intentionally that big but its kind of hard to control an 8ft long coffin shaped snowboard haha, All the boards varied in the way they rode just like the way they varied in the way they were shaped. Some rode amazingly well, others not so much. They were all fun either way. It was nice not knowing what to expect when it came to the boards, very refreshing. They all had really good float and it felt more like riding a wave then a mountain.

The Australian winter season has pretty much begun from yesterday with a huge dumping of fresh snow, what’s your plans this week?

Yeah I heard it snowed back home. I am still here in Lake Tahoe. it actually snowed here for a couple days this week so I guess I am going to be enjoying the Californian sunshine and hanging out with some buddies this week, maybe go for a shred this weekend? Don’t really like to plan to much. I should be back home in time for when the winter really starts getting going though.

Will you be returning to Australia for the our winter? If so what are you keen to do upon your return?

Yeah yeah I’ll be back for our winter, for a bit of it at least. I am looking forward to seeing my friends and hanging out in Melbourne mostly, but I think I will be doing some more Baw Bawd’in and getting up to no good in general. You know the usual stuff.


Alex Scott, Bataleon 2010 from john waddell on Vimeo.

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