Here is one for our South Australian wine chugging neighbors. CargoART Mag is a shiny full colour vibrant piece of published quarterly featuring articles, interviews and reviews covering art, music, gadgets, film and for those of us who still like our words on paper and bound, books.

If there was any ever doubt about its place in the category of high-end arts culture, the cover of the March edition swiftly puts that doubt to bed. A casual interior shot of Brett Whitely’s studio alongside hit lines promising reviews of Womelaide and 1980’s masterpiece ‘Less than Zero’ gives the heads up that the content is neither bubble nor froth.

Found in good cafes. Museums, record stores, and fashion outlets to a readership of 40,000 it’s the South Australian arts hit without the punch to the purse. An almost religious experience for lovers of arts and culture in the city of churches.

Words: Sheridan Wright


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