Round Two of our St Kilda Film Festival coverage gears us up for a very short weekend.

Burnside – Saturday 28th May 07:30pm – 09:00pm

A documentary about a man accused of spitting doesn’t sound like a compelling film on paper, but the resulting film is utterly fascinating. After Richmond coach Danny Frawley was spat on at the end of a particularly poor game, Michael Burnside’s photo appeared in several major newspapers and within a day he was the subject of national media attention. Everyone from Eddie Mcguire to Steve Bracks to Christine Nixon ran to condemn his actions, and the media frenzy almost resulted in his arrest. An insightful look at how the national love for football affects all levels of society.

Suburbia – Saturday 28th May 09:00pm – 10:30pm

Writer/Director Antonio Orena-Barlin delivers a tale of paranoia and urban sprawl with relentless pace. Joel (Don Hany) finds himself drawn into a violent conflict with no clear enemies, or any justification. As he attempts to help those affected, the malaise and indifference of those around him becomes almost too frustrating to handle. A tightly crafted film with an end-title card that packs enough emotion to rethink the whole thing.

Afterglow – Saturday 28th May 07:30pm – 09:00pm

Actress Nadine Gardner has long been a familiar face on Australian television and stage, and with Afterglow she can add another credit as director of this period drama. Abortion is a topic rarely covered in period pieces, and all the actors involved do a excellent job with the difficult material. Gardner clearly has something to say about the difficulties women face when it comes to raising a child, but that goodwill drains away in the final scene due to a horribly cliched choice of music. The scene is recovered by the strength of the acting, but with a different choice it could have been so much more. Gardner has talent as a director, so it’s a shame that one little thing should affect the film so much. Just mute the last 60 seconds and the film is excellent.

Flash – Sunday 29th May 06:00pm – 07:30pm

The debut film of RMIT student Glen Hatton, Flash is a charming breezy short that evokes the classic styles of Warner Brothers cartoons from the likes of Chuck Jones and Tex Avery. As an old tourist whiles away the day taking pictures he accidentally interrupts a marathon. Of course, hilarity ensues.  An entertaining short that shows a lot of promise for bigger things in the future.

Words: Liam Jordan

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