Melbourne act Brous is pretty much going to light up your day.  Led by the ephemeral Sophia Brous- to whom I am chatting today- Brous’ music is a happily eccentric mix of baroque classical notions, sweet pop and ghostly jazz. It’s tough to explain, really; it’s definitely not like anything you’ve heard today, or for some time before.



Brous- the lady- is heavily influenced by “the lush soundtracks of ’50s noir and exotica, underground Europop, psych, lounge and other worldly hyper-nostalgia”, something fiercely and deliciously evident in the band’s tunes. They’ve just finished off their debut self-titled EP, which you can nab from iTunes or here at Bandcamp and are touring their little feet off, including an October EP launch tour.

At the heart of Brous is Miss Brous. Let’s get into hers.



That Big and Important Question: why do you make music?

That’s a complicated question! Probably,  for many reasons, the way I was brought up and the music I was exposed to from a young age. It’s just something I’ve been consistently absorbed by for as long as I can remember.



Tell us about the EP and how it all came about.

I had started writing the Brous material a while back, but, because of a job I had at the time, had struggled to find the time to get into the studio. In the meantime, I had been put in touch with the producer Scott Horscroft and we were sending excited emails back and forth about our vision for the sound of the recordings, which led to us going into the studio and recording nine songs in ten days, six of which are featured on the EP.


How has your family and background influenced your creativity?

I grew up in a house where music was just always there. Quite a few members of my family were musicians, sculptors, composers and writers, so I just always understood creativity to be something I would be involved with.



You were in the US recently, in Boston. How was it for you?

It was an amazing period that I look back at with a certain idealised wistfulness. Four hundred talented young musicians all in one place with nothing better to do than play music together, day in, day out, and occasionally go to frat parties at the college up the street. It was a veryspecial time and I learnt a lot about music…and frat parties.


I notice it was your birthday recently. What could I get you as a belated gift?

The Barbican Theatre, packed…and world peace.


What’s for dinner?

Kentucky Fried (Mock) Chicken. Mockmeat is always a favourite.




Check out Brous in a town near you:

Thursday 20th October – The Grace Emily, Adelaide
Saturday 12th November – Phoenix Public House, Melbourne
Thursday 17th November – Alhambra presented by Wild Parlour, Brisbane
Friday 18th November – FBi Social – Kings Cross Hotel, Sydney



Words: Lisa Dib

Feature image by Stephanie Bailly

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