Eliza Hull is normal. Though the term, for all its six letters, is a loaded one; these days, ‘normal’ is not dissimilar to ‘boring’ or ‘generic’ or ‘cliché’, all those fabulous terms that come in handy for describing boring, generic and/or cliché things….but not today, lads and ladies. Not tonight.

When I say Eliza Hull is normal, I mean there are no airs to her performance. She stands astride the stage with a big, cheeky grin on her happily glowing face, thanking the crowd with genuine appreciation in her voice. When she sings, she is without showboating, without that untouchable celebrity conviction with which many artists carry themselves. Eliza Hull is simply a woman with a dynamite nu-soul voice.



The set carries with it much of the semi-dub swagger that Hull peddled in her previous band, Describe Eliza, but tonight we have the happy addition of cello and violin, for that extra emotional swell. Crowd favourite (and personal, I do declare) Sing You A Song that features only Hull, her guitarist and cellist, is a darkly beautiful and sweetly cold bluesy number that sends tingles around the room.

Hull takes piano duties on the solo Hourglass, a simple lyric like “I’m falling, there’s nowhere to go” suddenly deeply affecting when emanating from the chords of our headliner.  There’s a pop balladeer in Hull’s persona, as well, making those glorious big choruses all the more sweet.



Beat-fuelled single Five is littered with clicks, deep snaps and, of course, Hull’s voice, set here to smoky sadness. Hull has assembled a dynamic group of musicians that compliment her sound impeccably; the small string section adds a grandiose push to her already lovely vocals; electronic beats- used in small doses, for we are not at Stereosonic tonight, kids- mesh with the overall superb dusk of the entire ensemble.

Do get to see Hull and Co. if you can. How nice it is to be impressed.


Words: Lisa Dib


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  2. I went to this performance and was blown away by Eliza and her band! Simply amazing vocals and powerful songs that had a few tears welling in the corner of my eye I was still humming ‘Five’ when i woke up on Friday morning. A really wonderful and enjoyable experience.

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