Every artist puts a part of themselves into their art, expressing their deepest desires, tortured memories, hopes, dreams and experiences, thus creating brilliant depictions reflecting the years of sacrifice they have made to perfect their craft.

Then there is Dr. Rev…

Literally putting a part of himself into each creation, this intriguing airbrush maestro paints his canvasses with nothing other than his own blood. That’s right, blood. No tricks, no illusions… just his own blood.

This bizarre example of refined artistic expression is quite rare, and has seen this Australian born artist thrust into the limelight whilst gaining the attention of many international collectors. Strongly orienting his themes around horror and the macabre, depicting animals, portraits and more surreal scenes with realistic execution. Dr. Rev’s artwork is something that needs to be seen to be believed.

His artistic talents are not restricted to this fascinating craft however as Dr. Rev is also an accomplished sculptor and tattoo artist, with two books to his name aswell. The following is an exploration into the twisted mind of the good doctor as he explains his gruesome, yet technical procedure and the wonderful results as he delivers his own take on life and death in each piece.


Words: Darcy J







How did the name come about? What does Dr. Rev mean?

The Doctor part came from me wearing a surgical mask while tattooing, but now I have a doctorate so it really means Doctor. The Rev part was a nickname I got over a decade ago because I would often wear a priests shirt and collar, (Reverend) therefore Dr. Rev





In your own words, what exactly do you do?

I paint realistic and macabre imagery using nothing but my own blood.




How did your particular style / approach evolve? Do you collaborate or work with anyone else?

My evolution has been a fun ride, with each painting I usually realise something new, and it’s never the same, even if it’s the same blood, same canvas, it’s always different in application.

Sometimes it just doesnt do what I want it to and some days it’s perfect.  I have collaborated before,  and I have reproduced fragments of other artists work as well. It’s fun working with other artists, very fun if they are like minded.




What are the dangers in creating your pieces? Any horror stories?

None really, it’s my blood,  the amount we take for storage is one pint so it’s safe,  but the performance piece I did on the 18th of September, well that was potentially fatal. Not from blood loss but because I was surgically attached to my airbrush directly into my vein,  so if I had a blow back on my airbrush I would have my blood injected back into my body at 50 psi.  I’m sure that’s sufficient for heart failure.




Where is your favourite place to work?

Home. My studio is set up in my house, it’s my favorite place by far,  although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love painting in front of hundreds of people.



What other visual artists are you influenced by?

Da Vinci to a degree and the god of the airbrush Mr. H.R Giger. He is king, his skill and imagination are unrivaled.



What are you trying to achieve with your art?

Notoriety could be a truthful answer, but I don’t pain with blood for the shock value, that’s what the photography of me with guns to my head and stuff is for. It’s more a release for me. Each painting is a challenge, I’m using a medium that was never designed to be painted with. I also want people to stop and think just for a moment, and see blood for what it is, LIFE, not grotesque. People instantly associate blood with pain and death, blood is the giver of life, that’s partly why I paint so many portraits of animals, they are heart warming images.






What makes you happy?

Zoloft and Xanax…. hahaha no My beautiful wife and model Aspen, my Dogs Wolf and Manson and painting.  That’s it, they are what I cannot live without.





What projects are you working on at the moment?

I am in the final stages of my nine circles of Hell rendition.  Based on Dante’s Inferno, I painted a depiction of each circle of Dante’s journey through Hell or of the sin itself. But now I’m off to Vegas for two weeks of R&R, then when I return it’s time to kick it up a notch.







Do you listen to music whilst you do your work?

Yes,  Cradle of Filth or Korn, always metal though.



Do you express yourself through any other creative mediums?

Yes, sculpture, photography,  I’ve been tattooing for 11 years and I’ve published two books.  My most recent you can preview here.




What tools of creation could you never do without?

My Iwata Airbrushes, (yes I’m sponsored by Iwata) but they are the best, all I need is an 0 round red sable brush,  a scalpel blade, airbrush, my blood and  a canvas or paper.  Thats it.  Everything after that is a luxury.  I don’t usually use more than that.





Do you hope to see an increase in activity in your specific field of art, or do you think it is more your own niche?

I’m not the only one there are a few of us. Vincent Castiglia  is one of them I respect, but then there are some real douche bags out there with no talent who use blood as a means of gaining attention. So I think guys like me and Vincent, were born to do what we do, I’ve painted with oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastels, charcoal, cars, bikes and even with coffee – but blood is the only one I feel right with.



Can you recount your last interesting dream? Do these dreams ever influence your artwork?

Occasionally, the last one was “we the people”,  the painting of the guy in a suit with the pug skull for a head.



What makes you laugh?

People’s stupidity. I laugh at irony, like the filthy disgusting ibis I saw the other day soaring majestically over my head as an eagle would while circling for prey, a putrid bird, yet displaying such grace.  I laugh at the obscure,  and of course the cornerstone of my life, The Simpsons.







What is your ultimate goal with your art?

To be remembered when I’m gone.




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