Expressive, emotive and indiscriminately playful, Françiose Neilly’s work is a wonderful stylistic blend of Monet, Reniot, Warhol and Bacon. Armed with a palette knife and vivid array of colours, she creates works that are wild explosions of artistic practice. Inspired by a range of influences, most notably the wild, freestyle approach to Parisian graffiti, Neilly’s style has developed from a young age where she would spend hours drawing at her fathers architectural drafting desk, to her later years immersed in the urban culture of Paris.

Surrounded by a rich history of impressionism in her native France, Neilly brilliantly revitalises artistic sensibilities that have for the most part have been left to the pages of history. Painting with a fluidity that comes from her inner passion for art and design, Neilly breathes new life into two fundamental art forms, by replicating her subjects in brilliant hues with a graphic and carefree approach.

Cleverly nestled in between the ideals of abstract expressionism and impressionism, Neilly transcends her influences and produces art that not only captures her subjects emotively and accurately, but stimulates her audience with an intoxicating use of colour. This hypnotic colourisation, teamed with her unique application of paint, adds another dimension to her work, creating beautifully serendipitous textures and emphatic gestural interpretations of her subjects.

Whilst her paintings lack the photorealistic depictions of some of her peers, her skill lies in the neo-impressionistic execution of her paintings, focusing heavily on linear distortion and geometric abstraction. With each new painting, Neilly challenges our traditional ideas of portraiture, firmly establishing herself amongst the forerunners of contemporary French painters.


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